FPS game mobile strike on ios and android

Mobile strike is a two-dimensional massively multiplayer free online game that was released on November 11, 2015 by Epic War. You may have played games like this before such as Games of War and Fire Age but mobile strike game possess all the remarkable and wide base-building features that players can expect from a mobile strategy game of this era.

mobile strike
Some key features of this new exciting game are explained below;
– Equipment crafting:
It’s amazing to utilize and convert the materials present in crates into a variety of weapons and arms that can be used further by your commander to enhance his statistics.
– Join Alliance:
You can also co-ordinate with other same minded players and lend them a helping hand when necessary. Allies fight with each other’s enemies and ultimately become stronger. In fact the strength of this game lies in working as part of a team.
– Opportunity of Customizing your commander:
You can make you commander according to your own play style by leveling up and spending their points to build up your military.
– Construct a monolithic Base:
The player can upgrade, build and defend various structures that can later help to bring him closer to the lead of ranking boards of the game.
– Translator in-game:
As the game is being supported by the international servers, so the players of all regions and all languages can talk easily in the world chat. The text is automatically translated into the language of your choice.video game

In accordance with above given features, you can clearly get an idea that the mobile strike game is believable. Moreover, the game is subtle to a large extent and joining an alliance can build a team atmosphere making a big difference. In this way, you will start to feel very early that you are the man and have enough skills to challenge and play with elder age groups.
You can spend money to speed up faster or can play at your own pace; it’s all up to you. Unlike other challenging games using the same game engines as of Mobile Strike Game, it offers you the sale right only when you log in, after that you won’t see anything like that until you load up again. One non-attractive thing here is that the packages they sell are mostly un-wanted and useless. Even the gifts that are offered are not usable; for example they offer you speedups but it will be just 1 minute speed up up-to an hour. So it’s better to avoid these as there will be nothing that you can use further to achieve a goal.
Although, the game is interesting and challenging but it’s also quite disturbing as it used to throw notifications and timers at you. In simple words, it carries all the evils of free games; and to skip these things, you need to buy boost which make this game costly to some extent.
On the whole, Mobile Strike Game is an action game of modern war that provides you an excellent battlefield and let you control the action, build a base and train your troops to fight against enemies, either individually or as a team.

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